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Winter is here!

Hi Oddie here!

It’s been a while since I talked to everyone, but honestly nothing much exciting has happened! Mum’s been busying herself getting ready for winter. The barn is stocked full to the rafters with hay, so I’m pretty certain I am not going to starve over the next few months, although when mum spotting me eyeing it up the other day she did remind me that I have to share and it isn’t ALL mine! Spoil sport, sure I could work my way through it if I tried! All my rugs have been sorted too, mum has got new racking for the tack room and all our rugs have been folded neatly and stacked according to warmth, we each have our own shelf (but my shelf is definitely biggest)! Mum likes to buy me rugs and she always tells me how handsome I look in them (she’s not wrong)! I am definitely pleased that mum has a bit of a rug buying obsession as the weather has unquestionably turned colder, although we have only had a couple of mornings when then ground has been hard and I’ve had to listen to dad scraping white stuff off the his car window to go to work. Hey, he should get a horse, we don’t need scraping in the mornings, well actually maybe when I’ve wallowed in the mud I do, anyways I digress, the scrapping normally happens a lot over the winter so I guess we still have a way to go!

We have moved into the first of the winter paddocks which is awesome as there is tons of grass, although I feel a bit mean as my little buddy then shetland is what mum calls a laminitis risk so he can’t come in with me to play until I’ve eaten the grass down. Mum has set him up a pen next to my field so we can still talk over the fence, but I still feel a little bad that I’m munching yummy juicy grass while he has to eat boring soaked hay! I can’t help it if I maintain my athletic figure, whilst my little buddy looks like he’s eaten the entire feed room (he really hasn’t though – still plenty left for me!). Mum has been exercising him to try and keep his weight in check, he’s been going walking with mum and dad and the dog, I wonder sometimes if he is a pony at all and not just a big dog! Mum says they get some funny looks sometimes but it’s fun so they don’t care.

Anyway my grass is calling me! Best get munching!

Chat soon xox


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