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Windy Weather

Hi Oddy here!

It’s been super windy, and pretty wet at times, the last few days. Mum has been complaining as apparently I become a bit jumpy, but can you blame me? There are signs clattering, dustbins (which I’ll have you know hide horses eating monsters!!!) fallen over and leaves and stuff blowing all over the place, are you really suprised I’m a little ‘on edge’? Mum said riding me has been challenging, I’m not really sure if this is good or bad but I’ve tried very hard to behave it is just a bit scary at times. Mum has been putting a special ‘Magic’ powder in my dinners to help me relax and it does seem to help although I still have to take a big breath and remind myself that nothing really wants to eat me!  The icing on the cake, so to speak, was a tree coming down just behind our stables – thankfully missing us all in the stables. It made us all jump a bit as there was a big crash! Mum had to get Dad to come out with a noisy machine that cut the tree into smaller chunks, which Dad said is going to help keep him and mum warm next winter. The noise was a bit unsettling at first but once we all realised it wasn’t going to hurt us we all relaxed and went back to munching on our haynets. Mum says the foecast for next week is better so hopefully I’ll be able to do some more sunbathing soon!

Speak soon

Love Oddy x

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