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Hi Oddy here!

Mum is somewhat stressed today, I can feel it from across the field. Her shoulders are tense and her back is tight. I heard earlier from the house ranting about computers and technology being marvellous till they go wrong! I’m not entirely sure what a computer is but I can’t help thinking it must be a bit like me; she is always saying she’s lost without her phone and computer – I certainly am marvellous and mum certainly couldn’t cope without me in her life! I’ve also overheard her muttering that getting the clever I.T man out to sort the problem is almost as dear as getting the nice Mr Vet man out to fix me! Oops!

I hate it when mum is stressed out, everybody should be as happy as I always am! I’ve been thinking of ways I can cheer her up, think I’ll go over and help with  poo picking, I can wave the poo scoop around which makes her laugh and call me a giant idiot! (She may think I’m idiotic but it gets me the attention I want! Lol, Mums the idiotic one, she plays right into my hands). When she’s smiling and laughing again I think I might then give her a nice back and shoulder rub to ease those tense muscles, that always makes her giggle as she says my hair tickles her skin, more often than not I also get a lovely scratch across my withers which is great as she always finds the itchy spot that I find hard to reach. It feels so yummy that it makes me pull funny faces.  I can feel mum relax but she tells me she must stop playing around with me and get into work. Oh well, I best carry on munching and sunbathing – it is a hard life being me!

Mum came to get me in this evening and as she is putting me to bed she was nattering away, telling me all about the awful day at work. I didn’t understand it all but apparently its been complete technological meltdown! Armageddon for the works computer system! She says the I.T man (although he is very nice) makes her feel rather daft. He uses words and phrases that mean nothing to her, bit like when mum was first teaching me flying changes! Just like me learning to do my changes, she said she understood eventually when it was broken down into easier understandable instructions (or as mum says ”an idiots guide to computers”)!  Anyway she seems happier now that a crisis at her work seems to have been averted, however I still get the feeling she might be heading indoors for a rather large glass of the grape juice she enjoys.  

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