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Gosh it really has been hot! Even out in the field doing nothing I’ve been sweating. Mum has taken to riding me either early in the morning or late in the evening but today I’m having a day off as it is just too hot! It has kind of zapped my motivation, I usually like to leap around, maybe throw in the odd buck to make sure mum is awak up there, mum says I have a unique enthusiasm! Right now though I am quite content just dawdlingaround the lane with our buddies having a good old chat! Even a gentle stroll seems to leave me dripping in sweat – quite unbecoming I know! Mum has got this lovely citronella wash which she sponges the sweat off with, it helps get rid of all those horrid sweat marks (restoring my gorgeousness!), it is super refreshing and I absolutely love the smell but those pesky flies don’t so thats a bonus!

I’ve been coming into my stable during the day as it’s abit cooler as I don’t have any shade in my field, or much grass, mum and her friends on the yard looked very silly the other evening doing what they called a ‘rain dance’, although I think it was a one too many Gin and Tonic’s dance! I honestly can’t remember the last time it rained, my field is very dry and my grass more like hay! Mum’s been making sure I stay feeling well and healthy by adding a feed balancer (NAF Optimum) and an electrolyte (Bailey’s Aqua Aide – this is really tasty in a bucket of water too!) to my dinners making sure I replenish all the minerals I am losing when I sweat and getting all the nutrients I need as the grass isn’t very juicy! Yummy!

NAF Optimum Balancer 3kg

Bailey’s Aqua Aide 2kg


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