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Spring Clean

Hi, Oddy here!

I’ve had a lovely week this week with mum. She says that now that Spring has finally arrived I am well over due a good smarten up! What a cheek! I always look lovely! I’ve been giving myself fabulous mud face packs all winter and now as a result my coat is positively glowing! Anyway, Mum seems to disagree. I have been brushed from the tip of my ears to the end of my tail in an effort to banish any trace of mud… something was muttered about Hippopotamus’ wallowing less but I didn’t quite catch all of it. I do love being brushed, even all the tickly bits. Mum seems to really like it when I groom her back by scratching her back, at least until I get a little carried away and mum has to remind me that her skin isn’t as tough as my other field buddies.

I’ve also had my mane and tail trimmed shorter. Mum said that flowing manes and tails look beautiful on Arabs, Friesians and the natives but not on a Warmblood.  I’ve been told I need to look more like a gleaming dressage diva and less of a hairy cob! I thought this rather insulting as my mate who is a cob (and hairy) is very handsome indeed and all the ladies admire his flowing feathers. I guess Mum is right though as I have more of a hairy tuft, maybe one feather rather than feathers, anyway there is not much flowing going on with them now that mums had the trimmers out I look very neat and tidy!

Now that I am mud free and the tangles in my mane and tail have been brushed out and trimmed up it is time for a final polish! Mums got a whole collection of sprays that make me all silky smooth and shiny! I love the smell of the Canter Mane and Tail spray and I so know that I am “worth it” as the saying goes!  Mum always says it’s a blessing and a curse having a black horse. Apparently my coat shows every fleck of dust but on the other hand when I’ve been polished within an inch of my life I do shine and gleam! Mum and the others on the yard will have to get out their sunglasses as I definitely feel squeaky-clean now!

I’ve really enjoyed spending some good quality time with mum today making me all spick and span, I feel like a new horse! I can’t wait to get out in the field tomorrow morning for a good old roll so that she will have to start all over again!

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