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Silly Girls!

Hi, Oddy here!

Well it’s been an interesting week. The silly mare in the field next door has been driving me mad! I’m beginning to wonder if mum has swapped her for an evil identical twin! She’s normally a very nice polite and friendly lady and we often chat and pass the time of day over the fence. However, this week all she’s done is high pitched squeals followed by flouncing around the field with her tail in the air. I have commented loudly that she is not an Arab and no matter how high she cranks her tail up nobody will believe she is! She goes through this little routine every time I look in her direction!

At first I though it fun to join in, I was thinking clearly there must be something really exciting about to happen that I don’t know about yet. Nothing ever seems to so I’ve given up joining in! Although, I will just add that my flouncing is far more impressive! I even include leaps, rears and bucks just to show how athletic I am not just sticking my tail up! I could have been one of those Lipazzaner Spanish horses If I’d wanted, doing all those high school movements! Sometimes this makes mum giggle if she’s watching and she calls me an idiot, but I can sense her holding her breath on some of my bigger leaps, I think she worries that I might hurt myself, but I’m as fit as a flea and it’s fun!

Mum tells me that I am not to worry and I haven’t done anything to upset her. Apparently it’s just her hormones making her crazy and she gets like this every spring! Now mums told me what the score is I’m finding it quite amusing to pretend I’m a stallion and trot along the fence batting my long, dark eyelashes. She looks like she’s about to faint! I am fully aware that I am a very handsome boy but the way she’s carrying on you’d think I was Valegro! I’ve been told that she is getting something called NAF Oestress put in her dinner tonight which will help calm her raging hormones and get her back to her normal friendly self again, rather than obsessing about who to have a baby with! I hate to burst her fantasy bubble but we are all gelded anyway!

I do hope that this supplement that she is having in her tea starts working soon as, although it has been fun, I’m getting a bit bored of it now! I can’t wait to get my friend back for “sensible” chats, but for now I’m going to stick with my little buddy and enjoy some man time till that Oestress kicks in!

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