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Hi, Oddy here!

I’m feeling very excited as spring is in the air! I can feel the days getting longer and the sunshine getting warmer. Mum says that she can definitely feel a “spring” in my step! I love to show mum how “springy” I can be as I know it make her giggle as I leap around my paddock. I really don’t know why she finds it funny as I watch the dear running and they leap all the time and no one laughs at them! It is lovely spending more time in the paddock with my buddies now that the evenings are staying lighter and the new grass is definitely growing through it tastes delish!

My little friend has started wearing what mum calls a ‘grazing muzzle’ (although I thought it was a mask to stop him nipping me)! I’ve been told he has to wear it as he is too greedy eats too much of the scrummy grass and gets very fat! I of course watch my waistline! The delish grass that I’ve been enjoying is full of sugars and mum says this could make him very ill with something called Laminitis. For some strange reason the grass can make his feet hurt and they are very, very, painful when this happens, so wearing a muzzle to make him eat less is for his own good! Not sure he is entirely in agreement, but he’s a bit daft (not like me – I am super clever)! I do think he understands that his mum is trying helping him out as he knows she loves him very much and would never be mean to him. Some of his friends in the past have had the dreaded Laminitis and they’ve told him that it is really horrible and excruciatingly painful.  He has told me he knows eating a lot is bad but he has no will power to stop and that it is not his fault that he’s a good doer.

My little legged companion also gets a supplement called GWF X-Lam; this is specifically for horses and ponies that are prone to Laminitis. He says its really yummy and he looks forward to having it in his tea every evening! It makes sure he has all the important stuff he needs in his diet to keep him healthy while he isn’t allowed to eat much. X-LAM also helps his immune system work better which helps him “mop up the free radicals” which helps to stop laminitis. Although, as I’ve already mentioned, I am super clever, I don’t really understand what this means but it must be good if I means my little buddy stayed pain free and still be out enjoying the sunshine and playing in the field with me.

Mum says that prevention is far better for horses and ponies that are prone to getting Laminitis and stops Mr Vet Man having to come out.  Personally I like to see Mr Vet Man, but mum always gets very worried and upset when he comes to visit. Last time she asked me if I thought that money grew on trees? Silly mummy, everyone knows it is leaves that grow on trees not money!

GWF X Lam 5kg

Hy Grazing Muzzle with Fleece


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