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Hi Oddy here!

This week mum has decided that I need to do more Hacking. This is a enormously exciting prospect! I a super gorgeous so normally mum concentrates on making me prance in the school doing something they call ‘Dressage’. People seem to be impressed when I do this and will stand around the school “ooohing’ and “arhing” at my beauty! There’s one person who often watches me especially carefully and mum calls him the Judge – obviously I always get ten out of ten! Anyway, I am getting side tracked. We practice this ‘dressage’ at home and I really enjoy it, but apparently when my leg was sore last year mum now worries about making me do too much prancing (although I feel fine).  She says now the weather is good its time to take things easier and that she would like me to be a happy hack over the summer! Happy hack! Lol! I am ALWAYS happy when I hack!

Mum says hacking me can be a bit hair raising as I find it all so exciting, so her plan is to hack and hack and hack some more until I find it boring!  I think that might take a long while as there are so many interesting and exciting things to see when I’m out and about! The pheasants in the hedges down our lane are the first things. I like the pheasants but they do suddenly leap out in front of me from under the hedge as I walk past and I admit they do make me jump! I really am not a wimp actually I am very courageous – that’s the official statement anyway) but they do just appear from nowhere.

Once we’ve navigated pheasant lane we can turn onto a lovely bridleway. Exciting moment number two: Trot! Now, normally trotting isn’t particularly rousing but there is something exhilarating about trotting along a lovely grassy track with the open fields to my right, feeling the breeze ruffling my mane. I think my extra enthusiasm and bounciness might make mum a little nervous up there, she talks to me quietly telling me to relax and how it is these moments when she remembers how big I am! This is fun! As we carry on trotting it gets a bit hard work to stay bouncy trotting I think mum prefers less bounce as I can feel her relaxing and breathing again!

After a while we reach the end of the track and have to walk down another lane, this one I call shadow lane! There are trees the whole way down and I’m never entirely convinced that there aren’t things lurking ready to pounce! After safely reaching the end of Shadow lane, we meet up with my friend and her mum. Mum seems to be pleased to see her and I’m certainly pleased too! I know I said I am super brave but it is nice to have safety in numbers. I am very fond of my friend but it is nice to know should a tiger pounce from one of those shadows (or from under a hedge) I am certain I could outrun her!

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