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Hi Oddy here!

Mum is not very happy with me. Last night I came in with only three shoes on instead of four. It honestly wasn’t my fault it came off when I was showing the horse next door now high I can buck, and it is not like I did it on purpose as I know she had a hack planned tomorrow.  Mum said I am a pain in the backside sometimes! Ooop’s! I’ve been super sweet all morning giving her kisses and she seems already to have forgotten to be cross with me.  So now I am standing in my stable waiting for Mr Farrier to come. Mum meanwhile is in my field walking up and down searching for the shoe I’ve lost. It is times like these that I wish mum spoke horse better as I would tell her that it flew into the air and landed in the chestnut mares field next door!  

About an hour later mum has located my shoe and is playing with the cats on the yard. My two feline yard friends are good fun. They are a bit nervous of me, which is sad as I would love to be their friend, but I love watching them as they play, darting here and there chasing after the wisps of hay I deliberately drop over my door for them.  Mum does not really approve of my making a mess on her freshly swept yard but has to laugh at the cats antics.  I cock back an ear as I think I heard a van pull up, yep, my supersonic hearing hasn’t failed me it is Mr Farrier.

With four shoes back on my feet look perfect, all freshly manicured and I am as handsome as ever!

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