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Fly Rugs and Masks Reduced

Further reductions on our seasonal products including Fly Masks and Rugs – a great opportunity to grab a bargain ready for next summer!


This week mum has been away on holiday, she told me she desperately needed some ‘R&R’.  I’m not entirely sure what that means, I think it might be Rioja (a drink which I have heard mum say – more than once, that she enjoys) and Riding, although I can’t understand how or why she would want to do that without me!  Anyhow, I am not complaining as I have had a lovely week grazing in the field and relaxing…hey maybe thats what part of R&R actually is Relaxing! I asked my little buddy the Shetland and he thought this was far more likely as he totally agreed why would she want to ride any other horse when she has me and clearly I AM AMAZING! So okay it must be Rioja and Relaxing! I got side tracked! I have had a very peaceful week eating and snoozing and even camping out under the stars, which is kinda nice but I do love my stable too. The nice lady who always has polo’s in her pockets has been looking after us. She seems easily impressed with my bows and offers of kisses and I secretly think it gets me extra polos, this trick seems to have worn thin with mum and she just tells me to stop begging but it still works with dad when mum isn’t looking. My fly rug has been a real help this week living out as its stopped alot of those pesky little things irritating and biting me and it’s kept me looking black rather than sunbleached – not that I’m vain or anything, just saying! Mum’s home now and said it’s time to get back to work, so I guess that’s it for my holiday too!

Legacy Andromeda Fly Rug

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