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Windy Weather

Hi Oddy here!

It’s been super windy, and pretty wet at times, the last few days. Mum has been complaining as apparently I become a bit jumpy, but can you blame me? There are signs clattering, dustbins (which I’ll have you know hide horses eating monsters!!!) fallen over and leaves and stuff blowing all over the place, are you really suprised I’m a little ‘on edge’? Mum said riding me has been challenging, I’m not really sure if this is good or bad but I’ve tried very hard to behave it is just a bit scary at times. Mum has been putting a special ‘Magic’ powder in my dinners to help me relax and it does seem to help although I still have to take a big breath and remind myself that nothing really wants to eat me!  The icing on the cake, so to speak, was a tree coming down just behind our stables – thankfully missing us all in the stables. It made us all jump a bit as there was a big crash! Mum had to get Dad to come out with a noisy machine that cut the tree into smaller chunks, which Dad said is going to help keep him and mum warm next winter. The noise was a bit unsettling at first but once we all realised it wasn’t going to hurt us we all relaxed and went back to munching on our haynets. Mum says the foecast for next week is better so hopefully I’ll be able to do some more sunbathing soon!

Speak soon

Love Oddy x

NAF Magic


Winter is here!

Hi Oddie here!

It’s been a while since I talked to everyone, but honestly nothing much exciting has happened! Mum’s been busying herself getting ready for winter. The barn is stocked full to the rafters with hay, so I’m pretty certain I am not going to starve over the next few months, although when mum spotting me eyeing it up the other day she did remind me that I have to share and it isn’t ALL mine! Spoil sport, sure I could work my way through it if I tried! All my rugs have been sorted too, mum has got new racking for the tack room and all our rugs have been folded neatly and stacked according to warmth, we each have our own shelf (but my shelf is definitely biggest)! Mum likes to buy me rugs and she always tells me how handsome I look in them (she’s not wrong)! I am definitely pleased that mum has a bit of a rug buying obsession as the weather has unquestionably turned colder, although we have only had a couple of mornings when then ground has been hard and I’ve had to listen to dad scraping white stuff off the his car window to go to work. Hey, he should get a horse, we don’t need scraping in the mornings, well actually maybe when I’ve wallowed in the mud I do, anyways I digress, the scrapping normally happens a lot over the winter so I guess we still have a way to go!

We have moved into the first of the winter paddocks which is awesome as there is tons of grass, although I feel a bit mean as my little buddy then shetland is what mum calls a laminitis risk so he can’t come in with me to play until I’ve eaten the grass down. Mum has set him up a pen next to my field so we can still talk over the fence, but I still feel a little bad that I’m munching yummy juicy grass while he has to eat boring soaked hay! I can’t help it if I maintain my athletic figure, whilst my little buddy looks like he’s eaten the entire feed room (he really hasn’t though – still plenty left for me!). Mum has been exercising him to try and keep his weight in check, he’s been going walking with mum and dad and the dog, I wonder sometimes if he is a pony at all and not just a big dog! Mum says they get some funny looks sometimes but it’s fun so they don’t care.

Anyway my grass is calling me! Best get munching!

Chat soon xox



Gosh it really has been hot! Even out in the field doing nothing I’ve been sweating. Mum has taken to riding me either early in the morning or late in the evening but today I’m having a day off as it is just too hot! It has kind of zapped my motivation, I usually like to leap around, maybe throw in the odd buck to make sure mum is awak up there, mum says I have a unique enthusiasm! Right now though I am quite content just dawdlingaround the lane with our buddies having a good old chat! Even a gentle stroll seems to leave me dripping in sweat – quite unbecoming I know! Mum has got this lovely citronella wash which she sponges the sweat off with, it helps get rid of all those horrid sweat marks (restoring my gorgeousness!), it is super refreshing and I absolutely love the smell but those pesky flies don’t so thats a bonus!

I’ve been coming into my stable during the day as it’s abit cooler as I don’t have any shade in my field, or much grass, mum and her friends on the yard looked very silly the other evening doing what they called a ‘rain dance’, although I think it was a one too many Gin and Tonic’s dance! I honestly can’t remember the last time it rained, my field is very dry and my grass more like hay! Mum’s been making sure I stay feeling well and healthy by adding a feed balancer (NAF Optimum) and an electrolyte (Bailey’s Aqua Aide – this is really tasty in a bucket of water too!) to my dinners making sure I replenish all the minerals I am losing when I sweat and getting all the nutrients I need as the grass isn’t very juicy! Yummy!

NAF Optimum Balancer 3kg

Bailey’s Aqua Aide 2kg



This week mum has been away on holiday, she told me she desperately needed some ‘R&R’.  I’m not entirely sure what that means, I think it might be Rioja (a drink which I have heard mum say – more than once, that she enjoys) and Riding, although I can’t understand how or why she would want to do that without me!  Anyhow, I am not complaining as I have had a lovely week grazing in the field and relaxing…hey maybe thats what part of R&R actually is Relaxing! I asked my little buddy the Shetland and he thought this was far more likely as he totally agreed why would she want to ride any other horse when she has me and clearly I AM AMAZING! So okay it must be Rioja and Relaxing! I got side tracked! I have had a very peaceful week eating and snoozing and even camping out under the stars, which is kinda nice but I do love my stable too. The nice lady who always has polo’s in her pockets has been looking after us. She seems easily impressed with my bows and offers of kisses and I secretly think it gets me extra polos, this trick seems to have worn thin with mum and she just tells me to stop begging but it still works with dad when mum isn’t looking. My fly rug has been a real help this week living out as its stopped alot of those pesky little things irritating and biting me and it’s kept me looking black rather than sunbleached – not that I’m vain or anything, just saying! Mum’s home now and said it’s time to get back to work, so I guess that’s it for my holiday too!

Legacy Andromeda Fly Rug


Hi Oddy here!

Mum is not very happy with me. Last night I came in with only three shoes on instead of four. It honestly wasn’t my fault it came off when I was showing the horse next door now high I can buck, and it is not like I did it on purpose as I know she had a hack planned tomorrow.  Mum said I am a pain in the backside sometimes! Ooop’s! I’ve been super sweet all morning giving her kisses and she seems already to have forgotten to be cross with me.  So now I am standing in my stable waiting for Mr Farrier to come. Mum meanwhile is in my field walking up and down searching for the shoe I’ve lost. It is times like these that I wish mum spoke horse better as I would tell her that it flew into the air and landed in the chestnut mares field next door!  

About an hour later mum has located my shoe and is playing with the cats on the yard. My two feline yard friends are good fun. They are a bit nervous of me, which is sad as I would love to be their friend, but I love watching them as they play, darting here and there chasing after the wisps of hay I deliberately drop over my door for them.  Mum does not really approve of my making a mess on her freshly swept yard but has to laugh at the cats antics.  I cock back an ear as I think I heard a van pull up, yep, my supersonic hearing hasn’t failed me it is Mr Farrier.

With four shoes back on my feet look perfect, all freshly manicured and I am as handsome as ever!

Spring Clean

Hi, Oddy here!

I’ve had a lovely week this week with mum. She says that now that Spring has finally arrived I am well over due a good smarten up! What a cheek! I always look lovely! I’ve been giving myself fabulous mud face packs all winter and now as a result my coat is positively glowing! Anyway, Mum seems to disagree. I have been brushed from the tip of my ears to the end of my tail in an effort to banish any trace of mud… something was muttered about Hippopotamus’ wallowing less but I didn’t quite catch all of it. I do love being brushed, even all the tickly bits. Mum seems to really like it when I groom her back by scratching her back, at least until I get a little carried away and mum has to remind me that her skin isn’t as tough as my other field buddies.

I’ve also had my mane and tail trimmed shorter. Mum said that flowing manes and tails look beautiful on Arabs, Friesians and the natives but not on a Warmblood.  I’ve been told I need to look more like a gleaming dressage diva and less of a hairy cob! I thought this rather insulting as my mate who is a cob (and hairy) is very handsome indeed and all the ladies admire his flowing feathers. I guess Mum is right though as I have more of a hairy tuft, maybe one feather rather than feathers, anyway there is not much flowing going on with them now that mums had the trimmers out I look very neat and tidy!

Now that I am mud free and the tangles in my mane and tail have been brushed out and trimmed up it is time for a final polish! Mums got a whole collection of sprays that make me all silky smooth and shiny! I love the smell of the Canter Mane and Tail spray and I so know that I am “worth it” as the saying goes!  Mum always says it’s a blessing and a curse having a black horse. Apparently my coat shows every fleck of dust but on the other hand when I’ve been polished within an inch of my life I do shine and gleam! Mum and the others on the yard will have to get out their sunglasses as I definitely feel squeaky-clean now!

I’ve really enjoyed spending some good quality time with mum today making me all spick and span, I feel like a new horse! I can’t wait to get out in the field tomorrow morning for a good old roll so that she will have to start all over again!

Silly Girls!

Hi, Oddy here!

Well it’s been an interesting week. The silly mare in the field next door has been driving me mad! I’m beginning to wonder if mum has swapped her for an evil identical twin! She’s normally a very nice polite and friendly lady and we often chat and pass the time of day over the fence. However, this week all she’s done is high pitched squeals followed by flouncing around the field with her tail in the air. I have commented loudly that she is not an Arab and no matter how high she cranks her tail up nobody will believe she is! She goes through this little routine every time I look in her direction!

At first I though it fun to join in, I was thinking clearly there must be something really exciting about to happen that I don’t know about yet. Nothing ever seems to so I’ve given up joining in! Although, I will just add that my flouncing is far more impressive! I even include leaps, rears and bucks just to show how athletic I am not just sticking my tail up! I could have been one of those Lipazzaner Spanish horses If I’d wanted, doing all those high school movements! Sometimes this makes mum giggle if she’s watching and she calls me an idiot, but I can sense her holding her breath on some of my bigger leaps, I think she worries that I might hurt myself, but I’m as fit as a flea and it’s fun!

Mum tells me that I am not to worry and I haven’t done anything to upset her. Apparently it’s just her hormones making her crazy and she gets like this every spring! Now mums told me what the score is I’m finding it quite amusing to pretend I’m a stallion and trot along the fence batting my long, dark eyelashes. She looks like she’s about to faint! I am fully aware that I am a very handsome boy but the way she’s carrying on you’d think I was Valegro! I’ve been told that she is getting something called NAF Oestress put in her dinner tonight which will help calm her raging hormones and get her back to her normal friendly self again, rather than obsessing about who to have a baby with! I hate to burst her fantasy bubble but we are all gelded anyway!

I do hope that this supplement that she is having in her tea starts working soon as, although it has been fun, I’m getting a bit bored of it now! I can’t wait to get my friend back for “sensible” chats, but for now I’m going to stick with my little buddy and enjoy some man time till that Oestress kicks in!


Hi Oddy here!

Mum is somewhat stressed today, I can feel it from across the field. Her shoulders are tense and her back is tight. I heard earlier from the house ranting about computers and technology being marvellous till they go wrong! I’m not entirely sure what a computer is but I can’t help thinking it must be a bit like me; she is always saying she’s lost without her phone and computer – I certainly am marvellous and mum certainly couldn’t cope without me in her life! I’ve also overheard her muttering that getting the clever I.T man out to sort the problem is almost as dear as getting the nice Mr Vet man out to fix me! Oops!

I hate it when mum is stressed out, everybody should be as happy as I always am! I’ve been thinking of ways I can cheer her up, think I’ll go over and help with  poo picking, I can wave the poo scoop around which makes her laugh and call me a giant idiot! (She may think I’m idiotic but it gets me the attention I want! Lol, Mums the idiotic one, she plays right into my hands). When she’s smiling and laughing again I think I might then give her a nice back and shoulder rub to ease those tense muscles, that always makes her giggle as she says my hair tickles her skin, more often than not I also get a lovely scratch across my withers which is great as she always finds the itchy spot that I find hard to reach. It feels so yummy that it makes me pull funny faces.  I can feel mum relax but she tells me she must stop playing around with me and get into work. Oh well, I best carry on munching and sunbathing – it is a hard life being me!

Mum came to get me in this evening and as she is putting me to bed she was nattering away, telling me all about the awful day at work. I didn’t understand it all but apparently its been complete technological meltdown! Armageddon for the works computer system! She says the I.T man (although he is very nice) makes her feel rather daft. He uses words and phrases that mean nothing to her, bit like when mum was first teaching me flying changes! Just like me learning to do my changes, she said she understood eventually when it was broken down into easier understandable instructions (or as mum says ”an idiots guide to computers”)!  Anyway she seems happier now that a crisis at her work seems to have been averted, however I still get the feeling she might be heading indoors for a rather large glass of the grape juice she enjoys.  


Hi, Oddy here!

I’m feeling very excited as spring is in the air! I can feel the days getting longer and the sunshine getting warmer. Mum says that she can definitely feel a “spring” in my step! I love to show mum how “springy” I can be as I know it make her giggle as I leap around my paddock. I really don’t know why she finds it funny as I watch the dear running and they leap all the time and no one laughs at them! It is lovely spending more time in the paddock with my buddies now that the evenings are staying lighter and the new grass is definitely growing through it tastes delish!

My little friend has started wearing what mum calls a ‘grazing muzzle’ (although I thought it was a mask to stop him nipping me)! I’ve been told he has to wear it as he is too greedy eats too much of the scrummy grass and gets very fat! I of course watch my waistline! The delish grass that I’ve been enjoying is full of sugars and mum says this could make him very ill with something called Laminitis. For some strange reason the grass can make his feet hurt and they are very, very, painful when this happens, so wearing a muzzle to make him eat less is for his own good! Not sure he is entirely in agreement, but he’s a bit daft (not like me – I am super clever)! I do think he understands that his mum is trying helping him out as he knows she loves him very much and would never be mean to him. Some of his friends in the past have had the dreaded Laminitis and they’ve told him that it is really horrible and excruciatingly painful.  He has told me he knows eating a lot is bad but he has no will power to stop and that it is not his fault that he’s a good doer.

My little legged companion also gets a supplement called GWF X-Lam; this is specifically for horses and ponies that are prone to Laminitis. He says its really yummy and he looks forward to having it in his tea every evening! It makes sure he has all the important stuff he needs in his diet to keep him healthy while he isn’t allowed to eat much. X-LAM also helps his immune system work better which helps him “mop up the free radicals” which helps to stop laminitis. Although, as I’ve already mentioned, I am super clever, I don’t really understand what this means but it must be good if I means my little buddy stayed pain free and still be out enjoying the sunshine and playing in the field with me.

Mum says that prevention is far better for horses and ponies that are prone to getting Laminitis and stops Mr Vet Man having to come out.  Personally I like to see Mr Vet Man, but mum always gets very worried and upset when he comes to visit. Last time she asked me if I thought that money grew on trees? Silly mummy, everyone knows it is leaves that grow on trees not money!

GWF X Lam 5kg

Hy Grazing Muzzle with Fleece


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